Coaching starts with a conversation. We help you assess where you are and we listen to where you want to go. We use Centerpoint’s Coaching Engagement Framework in order to assist you in making effective decisions and sustaining desired changes:

  1. Orientation – A discussion about the client’s interests and initial questions, and an introduction to your Coach, the coaching process and details including confidentiality.
  2. Assessment – Tools will be used for the client’s assessment of self and situation. Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Multi-Rater Assessments (360 Degree Feedback), and input from other stakeholders may be included.
  3. Goal Setting – Alternative targets will be explored, although the client will be responsible for choosing specific goals and contingencies.
  4. Action Plans – The coach will assist the client in developing an effective action plan. The ongoing role of the coach and other resources will be specified along with “homework” and other follow-up.
  5. Integration – The coach will provide ongoing support, feedback and guidance to assist the client in fulfillment of goals. The focus will be on problem-solving, role playing, preparation and debriefing events, and “in-the-moment” coaching.
Your coach will help you find your path, talk with you about the challenges you encounter, and encourage you along the way.


Our coaching clients benefit from gaining new perspectives and receiving confidential support throughout the engagement. The results include better use of personal and professional strengths, more effective thinking and behaviors, and more appropriate and fulfilling decisions.

Your organization benefits by developing highly motivated leaders who become more effective and intensely committed to their roles and responsibilities.


Coaching supports significant and lasting changes in leadership style, critical relationships, and overall effectiveness.


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